Door Play Sex Swing Kit


Swing sex offers some advantages over traditional sex. Some of these may include:
New experiences and feelings: A sex swing can offer new and different experiences and feelings compared to traditional sex. A sex swing can allow for different angles, depths and rhythms that can be difficult to achieve with traditional sex.
Greater flexibility: The sex swing can allow for greater flexibility and freedom of movement as it can reduce stress and strain on joints and muscles. This can be especially helpful for people with physical limitations or who want to experiment with new and different positions.
Less physical strain: The sex swing can reduce physical strain and fatigue because it can allow for easier movement and less physical strain. This can be especially helpful for people who experience pain or discomfort with traditional sex.
Greater Intimacy: The sex swing can help increase intimacy and connection with your partner as it can allow for closer body contact and greater mutual pleasure. It can help build stronger bonds and increase sexual satisfaction.
Opportunity to experiment: Sex swings can allow people to experiment with different fantasies and desires that may be difficult to achieve with traditional sex. This can allow people to discover new ways of learning about their bodies and achieving sexual pleasure
Instructions for installing the sex swing:
Before using a doorway-mounted sex swing, it is important to make sure that the sex swing is installed safely and correctly. Here are some general guidelines to follow when using a doorway-mounted sex swing:
Install the sex swing safely and correctly: Most doorway-mounted sex swings are designed to be installed at the top of the door or above the door handle. Secure the sex swing and make sure it is installed correctly before use.
Use the right tools: Most sex swings come already installed or come with special mounting tools. Always use the tools provided to ensure safe and correct installation of the sex swing.
Install the sex swing correctly: The sex swing should be low enough for you to use it comfortably. Make sure the swing is set up at the right height and not too high or too low. Use the correct positions: Always use safe and comfortable positions when using sex swings. Use seat belts or other safety features if available.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions: All sex swing manufacturers provide instructions on how to use the product. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your sex swing.
Remember that the use of a sex swing with a doorway installation is always at your own risk. Always use sex swings safely and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Material: metal + tape
S: Short rod length: 62 - 100 cm.
L: Short rod length: 82 - 130 cm.

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Function: Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing
Material: Metal + Ribbon

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