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Marc Dorcel Magazine plus n°15

Marc Dorcel Magazine plus n°15

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SKU: Marc Dorcel Magazine plus n°15


In the summary of the Dorcel Mag plus15, Cléa Gaultier a star at the top.

Exclusive announcements of upcoming shootings
The latest news from social networks
Film of the month: Liza, busty secretary
The photo shoot of Cléa Gaultier
The record: AVN 2019, the largest living room of the X in Las Vegas
The star interview: Angela White
The photo shoot of Angela White
The movie event: Cléa la soumise
The interview with Cédric Anger
The photo shoot: Monica Sage
Filming of the month: Libertine Cruise
The full programs of the channels Dorcel TV and Dorcel XXX for the month of March 2019.
And always 2 films offered:
Lana the submissive Hervé Bodilis
Young perverted Alis Locanta