Ultra realistic pants with penis


Especially authentic made of silky soft liquid silicone!
Ultra Realistic Penis Pants by You2Toys with totally realistic penis and balls. The buttocks fold and the stretchy anus opening complete the lifelike look. The pleasantly stiff penis-shaped dildo is beautifully flexible thanks to the inner skeleton and always returns flexibly to its original position.

Made of silky soft liquid silicone, the penis pants not only look almost like real skin, they also feel as soft to the touch. Elastic all round, the pants nestle perfectly and offer a high level of comfort.

139,00 €

Fits size M.
Circumference (stretchy): waistband 78 cm, leg cut 68 cm.
Side height 17.5 cm.
Dildo: Total length 23.6 cm, insertion length 16.5 cm, Ø max. 4.3 cm.
Anus opening: Ø 2 cm (flexible).
Weight 965 g.
Liquid silicone.

Pants with an attached penis-shaped dildo and balls
Very realistic replica
Bendable and flexible dildo
Stretchy anus opening
Lifelike with a buttocks fold
Silky soft liquid silicone
Stretchy for a perfect fit
High wearing comfort

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