Complete Arm Restrains-black


This bondage harness gives you complete control over your partner's hands without allowing them to move. This harness wraps around the upper arms and back, holding the arms securely in place. It's perfect for kink games when you want to take control. The wrist cuffs and binding piece feature adjustable straps with buckles for a perfect fit. Made from high quality PU leather, it fits comfortably on the skin and provides long-lasting enjoyment. This Arm Binder adds an extra level of excitement and dominance to your BDSM sessions.

39,90 €

Product dimensions 45.5 x 16 x 1.2 cm
Product weight 238 grams
Splash protection yes
Phthalate free yes
Features The shoulder straps have 9 holes for length adjustment.
The forearm straps have 6 holes to adjust the length.
Materials 85% PU leather, 15% metal

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